[Your Secret]

"Your Secret"
Golden Egg Records (GER-11146)
Release Date: November 13, 2001

"Your Secret" was a single from Deborah Gibson’s most recent album, M.Y.O.B. All the remixes on the disc were done by Mike Rizzo.

The "Pop Radio Mix" is an edit of the album version. I feel this edit is rather awkward; personally, I would have cut the opening vocals from the track, and started with the instrumental that follows. I like the feel of the album version, and always felt this song had the most potential as a single.

The "Hot Vocal Radio Mix" removes the "Latin influence" of the original, replacing it with an electronic/synth sound. The "Short Vocal Radio Mix" is a slightly different music track from the "Hot Vocal Radio Mix" (but the differences are rather subtle). The "Squeaky Clean Intro Mix" cuts the opening vocal intro of the song; musically, you can tell there are similarities to the previous two remixes, but it is easier to tell that there are also differences.

The "Secret Party Mix" takes too long to get started, and the repeated, distorted "I don’t wanna"s are annoying. Just when you think the vocals are going to start, it goes back to instrumental again before the vocals actually kick in. The mix also takes too long to end; I feel the track would be stronger if it was shorter. "Deb’s Dark Dub" sounds like the "Secret Party Mix," but the only vocals are the distorted "I don’t wanna"s.

Overall, I feel the mixes sound too similar, and this hampers my enjoyment of listening to this single. Personally, I think that either Mike Rizzo needed to vary the music of the mixes a bit more, or that one or two other remixers needed to be brought in to remix “Your Secret” to avoid the "sameness" problem.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on November 4, 2002)

Deborah Gibson
Your Secret
Golden Egg Records (GER-11146)
  • Your Secret [Pop Radio Mix]
  • Your Secret [Hot Vocal Radio Mix]
  • Your Secret [Short Vocal Radio Mix]
  • Your Secret [Squeaky Clean Intro Mix]
  • Your Secret [Secret Party Mix]
  • Your Secret [Deb's Dark Dub]

"Your Secret" written by Deborah Gibson and Jerry Sharell

"Your Secret" produced by Deborah Gibson and Vibe Patrol

"Your Secret" remixed by Mike Rizzo
Review © 2002 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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