Diffusion Records (DIF003)
Release Date: October 2002

Iris is an independent synthpop band that first broke on the US scene in 1994 with a song called "Annie, Would I Lie To You." Five years would pass before their debut album, Disconnect, would be released. On the verge of releasing their greatly anticipated second album, Awakening, Iris is unleashing the lead-off single, "Unknown." The first version of the song is a perfect addition to their catalog; a seemingly effortlessly flowing track, from its airy opening to the catchy pop feel of the chorus. The Sub Rosa Mix, by Iris' Matt Morris and System 22's Cody Williams, pumps up the energy of the track a bit, making it more of a club track, with stuttering synth fills. Iris' new member, Andrew Sega, produced the next two remixes. The Spatial Dub Mix is more of a breakbeat treatment than one would expect on hearing the original mix; the truly surprising thing is simply how well it works. The Everlasting Love Mix, on the other hand, is more of an instrumental track than anything else. While the music is quite good, it would have been better either as a full vocal track or a full instrumental; the occasional snippets of vocals which have been scattered throughout the track are an infuriating tease (after a single run through the first verse, the remaining vocals on the track focus on the line "There's been talk about us"). The final remix of the song sounds at first like it might be intended to be simply an extended version of the original mix until the drums kick in at a much slower tempo than the original track. The mix feels a little too slow musically while the vocals do work with the music track, it's not as strong as the Sub Rosa Mix or the Spatial Dub Mix. The single is, overall, an exciting glimpse into the forthcoming Awakening album, and definitely recommended.

(reviewed by Daniel Aeschliman on December 28, 2002)

Diffusion Records (DIF003)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown [Sub Rosa Mix]
  • Unknown [Spatial Dub Mix]
  • Unknown [Everlasting Love Mix]
  • Unknown [Datguy's Remix]

"Unknown" written by Iris

"Unknown" produced by Iris

"Unknown" remixed by Matt Morris, Andrew Sega, and Tony Mugavero and Geoff Haselgrove
Review © 2002 Daniel Aeschliman
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