[Staring Off At Nothing]

"Staring Off At Nothing"
A Different Drum (ADDCD1182)
Release Date: September 7, 2004

The first single from their upcoming second album, "Staring Off At Nothing" is a step in the right direction for Intuition. Their first album, Further, features a number of well written songs and some great performances. But most of the material seemed to hold back somewhat, to stay in a comfort zone of PSB/OMD-ish recognizability. Garrett and Ken take things the extra step on "Staring Off At Nothing," combining some falsetto vocals with deep electronics. Their pop-sensibility is still around; if mainstream radio were to give Intuition a chance, they'd likely be stars in no time. However, a single cannot be reviewed on the strength of the single version alone; it must take into consideration the other tracks on the disc, and this is what weakens this disc. While Nevarakka turn in a reasonably good dance version, and Intuition give a really good minimalized version, the third remix (Beatfreq Mix) limps along painfully. Buried in this eight minute long behemoth is a good remix - but there's too much wasted space trying to get to it. The disc also contains a remix of another new song, "Tomorrow", done by Neuropa's Albert Martinez (under his solo project moniker of Junk Circuit) and a quite respectable cover of Toad The Wet Sprocket's early 90's hit "All I Want."

(reviewed by Daniel Aeschliman on November 20, 2004)

Staring Off At Nothing
A Different Drum (ADDCD1182)
  • Staring Off At Nothing
  • Staring Off At Nothing [Nevarakka Mix]
  • Tomorrow [Junk Circuit Mix]
  • Staring Off At Nothing [Beatfreq Mix]
  • All I Want
  • Staring Off At Nothing [Absent Mix]

"Staring Off At Nothing" and "Tomorrow" written by Intuition
"All I Want" written by Toad The Wet Sprocket

All tracks produced by Intuition

All remixers as noted in mix names except
"Staring Off At Nothing [Absent Mix]" by Intuition
Review © 2004 Daniel Aeschliman
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