[James Dean]

"James Dean (I Wanna Know)" [Australia]
Polydor Ltd. (5709342)
Release Date: Exact release date unknown

"James Dean (I Wanna Know)" is a dance song about a man trying to get a woman's attention, and hopes that by being "cool" ("cool" references: being the "James Dean of the music scene," flashing a "Brad Pitt" smile, and wearing Versace "'cause that's my style"), that she'll notice him. Personally, I really like how this song flows and how the song sounds. And unlike Daniel's last single, "Gotta Get Thru This," this song does not use the extremely processed vocals.

The next track on the single, "Gotta Get Thru This [Acoustic Version]," is just Daniel Bedingfield's voice and an acoustic guitar (the guitar is played by Mark Johns). The song works very well in this acoustic arrangement, and shows that Daniel is capable of doing more with his songs than just dance music.

I personally didn't care for "James Dean (I Wanna Know) [ATFC's Committed Vocal]." The mix is too long, all the vocals are processed, and the mix utilizes choppy vocals during long instrumental sections. I would have preferred this mix if it was shorter, didn't process the vocals, and didn't use the choppy vocals.

This single is an enhanced CD. It includes the video for "James Dean (I Wanna Know)," album information (including sound samples for "Blown It Again," "Gotta Get Thru This," "If You're Not The One," and "Friday"), a photo gallery (which is more like a slide show, which is in an endless loop), a biography, wallpaper, and lyrics for "James Dean (I Wanna Know)."

Overall, I can only recommend the first two tracks from this single; in which case, I would suggest buying the American version of the Gotta Get Thru This album. I would only recommend getting this single if someone is a Daniel Bedingfield collector.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on November 15, 2002)

Daniel Bedingfield
James Dean (I Wanna Know) [Australia]
Polydor Ltd. (5709342)
  • James Dean (I Wanna Know)
  • Gotta Get Thru This [Acoustic Version]
  • James Dean (I Wanna Know) [ATFC's Committed Vocal]

This enhanced CD single includes the music video for "James Dean (I Wanna Know)," album information, photo gallery,
biography, wallpaper, and lyrics for "James Dean (I Wanna Know)"

All songs on this disc written by Daniel Bedingfield

"James Dean (I Wanna Know)" produced by Daniel Bedingfield
"Gotta Get Thru This [Acoustic Version]" produced by Daniel Bedingfield and Al Stone

"James Dean (I Wanna Know)" remixed by Aydin The Funki Chile
Review © 2002 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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