[Enjoy The Silence '04]

"Enjoy The Silence '04"
Reprise Records (47257-2)
Release Date: November 23, 2004

Rereleasing "Enjoy The Silence" was a rather risky move for Depeche Mode to make. This is, after all, one of the biggest hits in their catalog, one of the largest fan favorite songs, and a track that is frequently cited by many fans as the song that got them into the band (myself included). The biggest disappointment (outside of the fact that they STILL have yet to release a CD version of the mix in the original music video) is the fact that many of the new mixes of "Enjoy The Silence" were simply allowed to drag on too long. The new single version mixed by Mike Shinoda is the only mix that clocks in UNDER eight minutes long; while I like some of what I hear in the Ewan Pearson and Richard X mixes, the shorter UK versions are superior to these behemoths. What does finally redeem this single is actually not even a mix of "Enjoy The Silence" but "World In My Eyes" - a song which has never really gotten remixed to it's full potential. The Cicada mix of "World In My Eyes" is easily one of the best versions of the song since the original album version and the Devotional tour rendition. Unfortunately, the disc closes on a very sour note with a very poor remix of "Something To Do" - a song that had a much better remix (the "Metalmix") about twenty years ago.

(originally reviewed by Daniel Aeschliman on January 15, 2005, expanded on May 2, 2005)

Depeche Mode
Enjoy The Silence '04
Reprise Records (47257-2)
  • Enjoy The Silence [Reinterpreted by Mike Shinoda]
  • Enjoy The Silence [Timo Maas Extended Mix]
  • Enjoy The Silence [Ewan Pearson Extended Remix]
  • Enjoy The Silence [Richard X Extended Mix]
  • World In My Eyes [Cicada Mix]
  • Something To Do [Black Strobe Remix]

All songs written by Martin L. Gore

"Enjoy The Silence" and "World In My Eyes" produced by Depeche Mode and Flood
"Something To Do" produced by Daniel Miller, Depeche Mode, and Gareth Jones

As noted in the remix names above
Review © 2005 Daniel Aeschliman
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