[Cut Here]

"Cut Here" [European]
Fiction Records/Polydor (FICCD 55; 587389-2)
Release Date: Exact release date unknown

"Cut Here" led off The Cure's Greatest Hits album. The first track on this single is the album version, which is a song about regret, and wishing you had tried to spend more time with someone before they leave your life. The second track, "Signal To Noise," is an exclusive B-side. The arrangement to this song is very simple, and is reminiscent of "Cut Here." In the song, the speaker wonders if the person they are talking to truly knows them or if they ever did; the lyrics have an underlying tone of doubt. The song opens and closes with "staticy" sound and feedback, which contrasts with the otherwise simple arrangement. The last track is "Cut Here [Missing Remix]," which features an acapella intro, some whispered lines, echoes on the vocals, and a slower and more laid back arrangement. The mix itself isn't bad, but the last two minutes of the mix are redundant; the mix would have been stronger if it had been a little shorter.

This single is an enhanced disc, and includes the video (directed by Richard Anthony) in both full screen and small screen. The video is rather simple, and is also available on the Greatest Hits DVD. There is also an album link, which takes you to a section advertising the Greatest Hits album; it includes four 30 second clips from the two discs of the limited edition version: "The Lovecats," "Pictures of You," "Why Can't I Be You? [Acoustic]," and "Friday I'm In Love [Acoustic]." Lyrics to "Cut Here" are also available (the lyrics appear on the screen as the song plays, and each line is highlighted as it is sung).

This single should be added to a Cure fan's collection for the B-side and the remix.

(reviewed by Lesley Muir on January 13, 2003)

The Cure
Cut Here [European]
Fiction Records/Polydor (FICCD 55; 587389-2)
  • Cut Here
  • Signal To Noise
  • Cut Here [Missing Remix]

This enhanced CD single includes the music video for "Cut Here," album information, and
lyrics for "Cut Here"

All songs on this disc written by Smith/Gallup/Bamonte/Cooper/O'Donnell

All tracks on this disc produced by Robert Smith and Mark Plati

"Cut Here" remixed by Robert Smith
Review © 2003 Lesley Muir Aeschliman
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