[On Fire]

"On Fire"
Leg End Productions (00387_x)
Release Date: 2004

EuroVision is one of those few bands that we probably would have never discovered, had they not approached us first. And a year (or more) after they first contacted us, we approached them about including their material on our station. This disc, their debut album, is a strong effort which suffers from a lackluster mastering job. Many tracks on the disc suffer from the melody being washed out by the bassline and percussion. "On The Inside," for example, is a strong song with a good vocal performance that too frequently gets buried behind the rest of the sonics. "Bed Of Roses" has a melody line hiding behind a bassline with an overly echoed vocal.

This is not to say that there are no positives on the album: "Lost" is a fantastic synthpop power-ballad, very much in the vein of Eiffel 65's "Your Clown" (a song that, had AeschTunes existed back at the time their album was released, would easily have topped the chart). Other highlights include first single "Without You (I Just Don't Belong)" and the final song that we played on the station, "Last Night".

(reviewed by Daniel Aeschliman on November 20, 2004, expanded (slightly) on May 1, 2005)

On Fire
Leg End Productions (00387_x)
  • Who's To Blame
  • Without You (I Just Don't Belong)
  • Lost
  • Pretending
  • I'm On Fire
  • On The Inside
  • Last Night
  • Bed Of Roses
  • Please
  • You're So Fine

"Who's To Blame," "Without You (I Just Don't Belong)," "Lost,"
"On The Inside," and "Last Night" written by Mike Allred
"Pretending," "I'm On Fire," "Please" music by Joe Ramey, lyrics
by Mike Allred
"You're So Fine" music by Mike Allred, lyrics by Joe Ramey
& Mike Allred
"Bed Of Roses" music by Joe Ramey, lyrics by Joe Ramey
and Lloyd Cooper

All tracks produced by Mike Allred and Joe Ramey
Review © 2004/2005 Daniel Aeschliman
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