AeschTunes Has Come To An End

The AeschTunes internet radio station and chart came to an end as on August 1, 2007.

However, the AeschTunes name was resurrected in September 2007, as the name of a music news and review blog. Check out AeschTunes: Talking about the artists, bands, news, and trends in the music business.
Any album, EP, single, or box set review that is posted at the blog will also be posted in the "Reviews" section of this website, usually within a couple of days of appearing in the blog.

We hope that, at some point in time, we will be able to convert this site into a "memorial site" for the station and the chart.

This was the homepage for AeschTunes, which was a weekly top 40 chart we compiled every week of our favorite songs; while synthpop and dance material primarily inhabited the chart, we did also occasionally chart rock and pop songs as well.

We also had an internet radio station at that broadcast songs from the past four charts (with some songs in multiple versions), eighteen songs that appeared on some of our older charts, as well as sixteen songs from before our chart's existence.

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