Music Stores
  • A Different Drum - independent synthpop label and retail outlet
  • - the big one - be sure to check out the MP3 download section as there are many good, free MP3s available there from independent artists
  • - not as much a store, since the MP3s available here all free. But you can find a good variety of material from independent artists with a little work.
  • EIL - UK based collector's shop - carry a lot of material that is out of print or rare or both
  • - like, a site for free downloads of independent artists. Not all tracks you find can be downloaded, though.
  • iTunes - the biggest of the digital music sellers. A fair number of exclusive tracks are available here - including a number not available elsewhere, or from now out of print CDs.
  • Silver Platters - a local store in our area, and one that we frequent fairly regularly
  • SecondSpin - specializes in used CDs - fairly good for tracking down out of print items when other avenues fail
  • Tower Records
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