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Page Last Updated: May 6, 2002

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Who is HCSnider ?

This is HCSnider

What you see here on my site, is just a small sampling of the MIDI files on the net these days! ALL of the MIDI files on my site, have been Sequenced by me, HCSnider! The registered program I use is Sonar 1.3 If you have any requests for Classic Rock, Classic Country, or Beatles MIDI files, drop me an E-Mail.

I am 48 years old and was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 30, 1953. I moved to Troy, Ohio in 1954, and have lived here since then, except for 8 years that I lived in Jacksonville, and 4 years in Melbourne, Florida.

I create Web Pages for other people in my spare time! E-Mail me below for details...

If your wondering HOW I started getting interested in creating MIDI files, it's quite simple! I was tired of all the junky sounding MIDI files out there on the net. Maybe it's was MY cheap soundcard, but the important thing to me at the time was, they sounded TERRIBLE on my system. So, in 1996, I found this great 16-bit program called Music Sculptor. I started experimenting, and was quite impressed with the outcome. I now use a 32-bit program called SONAR (CakeWalk) for Windows98-Second Edition. So far, most of the people that have visited my site, say I have the best sounding MIDI files on the net! YOU be the JUDGE!!!

The computer I use is a Gateway 2000 system. It has a Pentium-200mhz Intel processor with 48MB of Ram and a 9.3Gig HardDrive, and also a 7.2 Gig HardDrive. I use a program called Drive Image, by PowerQuest to keep my 10 virtual partitions backed-up in case of a disaster. My modem is a WinModem 33.6, I am Running Windows 98 Second Edition, and the browsers I use are Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape Communicator 4.74

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