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  The Frames FAQ

Who Are The Frames?
The Frames are a band from Dublin who started out in 1992. Originally called The Frames DC, they have gone through many mutations and record labels to reach their much deserved independant status in many peoples opinion as the best band in Ireland for many years. The 'DC' extension came from the fact that there was an American band called The Frames and a distinguishing factor was needed. Why 'DC'? It stood for Dublin City!
Where can I buy their first album 'Another Love Song'?
Their first album Another Love song has been deleted and can unfortunately no longer be bought in the high street. The best place to get hold of it is on the internet at sites such as eBay, or
Where can I buy their earlier singles?
Again a lot of these are very difficult to get hold of, but by checking out eBay , or you may be able to find them. Several of the singles from Dance The Devil... can be purchased in the high street stores or in the back catalogue section of ztt records. Also check out Road Records for other releases by The Frames.
Who/Where is Noreen O'Donnell?
Noreen O'Donnell was a singer in The Frames DC when they first started out and appears on Another Love Song and Fitzcarraldo. It seems she left the band sometime between the recording of Another Love Song and Fitzcarraldo. The last time I saw her play a gig was in Dec '95 and the last I heard she was in another band whose name escapes me right now.
Is there more than one version of Fitzcarraldo?
Yes, the first version released has a few slight differences. The songs are in a different order and also there is an extra song called 'Roger'. On this version 'Roger' was the last song and 'Your Face' an unlisted track after 'Roger'. However, on the re-release, 'Roger' has disappeared and 'Your Face' is now listed as the final song. To the best of my knowledge (and that's not a lot) the original version falls into the same catagory as Another Love Song (see above) so best of luck in finding it!