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Kid In Me

My Wife and Friends find it hard
To see what I see in a Baseball Card
They say these Cards are made for Kids
And that I have gone and flipped my Lid
But their Words roll off my Back
When I sit down among My Stacks
Of Topps, Bowmans, Fleers, and more
My one Goudey, and Regionals galore
And when I want some old-time Kicks
I bring out My stack of T-206
Some Players on my Cards are real Unknown
And others to Superstars have Grown
But I save them, Big or Small
And I know I'll never get them All
My Fun's in Buying, Trading, Saving
Meeting Others that have My Craving
Collecting Cards from Black and White to 3-D
Yep, there will always be some Kid in Me

- William Seyfarth