Amarillo TX to San Antonio TX

Today's Driving Distance: 500 Miles - Driving Time: 9 Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 2250 Miles - Driving Time: 36 Hours

A nice fixer upper in Texas

It was going to be a long trip to San Antonio. When I put the address into my Chrysler GPS, it wanted me to drive east to Dallas then south to San Antonio, taking 10.5 hours! I was not following that suggestion. I checked the driving route on my smartphone (goggle maps) and that route was a fairly straight line south east to San Antonio through nice country two lane roads. And it was quicker! I listened to eight RIOT albums during the drive, which tomorrow I will share why. It was a very long yet relaxing drive. Mountains, small towns, more huge power generating wind machines than I ever thought I would ever see. It was a bit hazy/foggy from the storms and it made the large wind machines very ominous in the distance. Driving to San Antonio was not part of my original plan but I had an extra day in Texas on my schedule and as I will explain tomorrow, the nine hour detour was worth it to me.

I found myself deep in the heart of Texas.

You just don't see this enough in California

I thought Texas, like California, was in a drought. But it has been raining off and on since I got here. It makes it tough to drive with all the trucks and not being able to see well out the windshield, at least on the freeways. The drive southeast was so nice and pleasant but when I merged onto Interstate 10 about an hour from San Antonio, it was raining pretty good. I got to my hotel about 8 o'clock. I had dinner again at the lobby Bistro.

I have a special visit planned for tomorrow in San Antonio. I'm hoping it does not rain heavy tomorrow. I want to get up early but not to crappy weather.

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