Laughlin NV to Albuquerque NM

Today's Driving Distance: 500 Miles - Driving Time: 8 Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 1400 Miles - Driving Time: 22 Hours

Goodbye to Mr. Met

We had breakfast with a nice view of the Colorado River. Mr. Met & I said goodbye to Scott & Donna as we parted ways. A feeling of anxiousness hit me as I had my longest drive to date in front of me. The thought of going to a spring training game in the Phoenix area or spending the day at the Grand Canyon went through my head while planning the trip. Neither happened. I just drove right through Arizona. However I did make a quick stop in Winslow AZ because I wanted to take a photo standing on a corner like the Eagles song "Take It Easy". I drove through town looking for a school or library to pose in front of when I noticed a sign pointing to "Standing on the Corner".

Standin' on the corner ...

Along the "Historic Route 66" one intersection was adorned with brick crosswalks, curbs, and a huge Route 66 logo in the middle of the street. On one corner was a statue and on the other a store appropriately named. I snapped a couple pictures and headed back to the freeway. There was a lot to see but it's hard to soak everything in around you while driving down the freeway. I really wanted to take all of the "Historic Route 66" exits but it would have made a long day even longer. With so much travel time I did get to listen to lots of music but not the Eagles. The new UFO CD [again], new Riot, and lots of Iron Maiden were blasted as my travel soundtrack.

Such a fine sight to see

This site reminded me why I retired

Mr. Met made a friend in Flagstaff

Surprisingly there was snow on the side of the road in Flagstaff. It was cold but not freezing. As I drove through Arizona and got closer to New Mexico it got warmer. I made it to Albuquerque around 7pm in a slight rain, which helped wash some of the bugs I had acquired off my car. This is the first of three nights staying in a Marriott hotel. Marriott Courtyards usually have a small "Bistro" and lounge area. I had a bacon cheese burger and a couple beers. There were a few others in the lounge and when asked where I was headed, the answer of New York got followed with "Why" and I ended up explaining my whole Dream Season experience. Back in my room, short updates to the website, then a good nights sleep.

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