Quakertown PA to Flushing NY

Today's Driving Distance: 120 Miles - Driving Time: 2 Hours

Total Driving Distance [so far]: 4250 Miles - Driving Time: 75 Hours

Another home with character

I enjoyed my rest stop in Quakertown, but I'm starting to feel a bit like having jetlag. And with the cloudy skies it is difficult to tell what direction I'm headed without looking at the dash display. My drive to New York was a bit over two hours. At least that is what Google maps was telling me. I've learned on this trip to use both the Chrysler GPS and my smartphone Google maps. Google has sent me on some good off the beaten path roads especially in Pennsylvania. Today was no different as Google guided me through the Pennsylvania countryside where I saw some very nice homes and quiet farms along the hills and valleys. I did stop when I came across a car wash. The skidmobile was getting a good collection of dirt and grime from all across the United States. I figured that if I was driving into New York today I had better be clean.

The NY skyline reaching into the clouds

After about an hour my trail caught up to I-78 East. Now I was on cold hard freeways with traffic. I knew I would have to drive in crazy traffic and had avoided most of it. It was still overcast and about 40 degrees outside. As I approached New York my route was going to go north of Manhattan, cross the George Washington Bridge, the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge and take me past LaGuardia Airport to my hotel. Suddenly to my right, I recognized through the rain coated window the outline of Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets. I was only a few minutes from my hotel room and only a few more minutes from my new home for the next six months.

My first time seeing Citi Field

So after getting off the rainy roads and getting settled into my final hotel room of the trip, I walked down a half block to a corner deli. I ordered a sandwich for my dinner. As I waited, three young guys in work gear came in to get something. Each of the three wore New York Yankees hats. Here I was, my first hour in New York, wearing my Mets jacket and my 7Line hat, thinking what the hell, I'm five miles from the home of the Mets and there are only Yankees fans around? WTF!?

But as I got my sandwich and exited the deli, a gentleman drove up, walked past me and said "Let's Go Mets". And he had no visible Mets gear on his person. And I realized I was there. I had made it to New York to be a New York Mets fan instead of a California Mets Fan. Thank You Lord!

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