Modesto CA to San Jose CA

Driving Distance: 130 miles - Driving Time: 2 hrs

There was a bit of preparation before Day 1. About 6 hours was spent on Goggle maps trying to find the best route and which stops would be added to my trip. A list of everything I thought I would need in New York or on the drive was made and checked twice. In the weeks before leaving I packed an emergency medical kit and a bag of basic tools, just in case something was to come up while on the road. I made reservations at hotels and purchased BOC concert tickets. Arrangements were made to spend time with my family and close friends. Time was spent with my Son and Daughter and my Granddaughter. And I spent time with my wonderful wife who has approved of this crazy Mets trip.

Leaving home

The goal of Day 1 was to see Blue Oyster Cult at the Rockbar Theater in San Jose with a couple long time friends. Hotel accommodations were secured at a nearby Marriott. After spending the morning with my wife and packing everything into the trunk of my car [clothes, music, phone/laptop chargers and cables] along with anything I thought I might need. Anything else I would buy once I reached my destination. The trunk was packed full. Deb went off to work and I left the house around 11am, headed to Pittsburgh CA to meet up with my friend Chris. We then drove to Dublin to meet with Steve whom we would meet later in San Jose. Traffic was good for us during the Friday afternoon commute. Everyone else was backed up, headed out of San Jose towards the valley while we had smooth sailing to our hotel, getting there around 4pm. Steve arrived around 6. Only a few minutes from the concert venue, we hung around the hotel room a bit then headed over to the show. After a couple warm up bands and some people watching, Blue Oyster Cult came on and did a set of classic songs mainly from their first few albums. This was the third time I had seen them live in the last three years.

The Amazing Blue Oyster Cult!

Chris found some strange ancient technological gizmos outside the venue

I've known Steve and Chris for quite a few years and they are cherished concert/ballgame brothers. They are just a few of the friends and relatives I will spend time with during this trip. After the show Steve headed home while Chris and I relaxed at the hotel before calling it a night and retiring to our rooms. Day 1 was successful, no animals were harmed, and we left some change in the room to cover our Bay Area carbon footprint.

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