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Ray Lord's

Used Phonograph Record Sales - 45s {95%} & LPs {5%} (

Contacts, questions or orders may be made to me, Ray Lord, at

Records are added to these webpages from time to time, no schedule. I publish the DATES they are added for around two months before deleting their NEW designations.


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03501 04001 04501 05001 05501 06001 06501
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10501 11001 11501 12001 12501 13001 13501
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lp00001 lp00501 lp01001 lp01501 lp02001 lp02501 lp03001
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My current eBay username is foxnewsfoxes (since 2014) and I have a feedback rating of 28. My former username was lpsand45s (from 2001 to 2014) and I had a feedback rating of 2,385. I'd planned on keeping both accounts, one for the U.S.A. and the other for everywhere else. Guess eBay didn't approve as they deleted my original account.


nm ... looks new;
nm- ... looks almost new;
m- (or better) ... looks very nice;
m- ... looks nice; or
g ... looks good or less.

Four of my visual grades have been used for over 35 years. ***On 3/8/2008 I added nm- {looks almost new}. I hope you understand that SOME RECORDS graded m- (or better) would be graded nm- today.***

REFUND POLICY: I rarely offer refunds so I probably won't. I buy and sell records based on my "visual perceptions". I don't offer audible grades because I have not played them. If a record is overgraded, I won't get a second order from that buyer. Ouch!


2P, 3P (second, third press); CC (clipped corner); DH (drill hole through the labels or cover); DJ (disc jockey); FOC (foldout cover); GFC (gatefold cover, opens like a book); IOC, IOL (initials on cover, label); NOC, NOL (name on cover, label); #OC, #OL (number on cover, label); PS (picture sleeve); RCI (record club issue); RI (reissue); RW (ring wear on label or cover); SC (saw cut on seam or spine of an LP cover); SOBC, SOFC, SOL (sticker on back cover, front cover, label); ?sps (? inch spine split); ?ss (? inch seam split); SS (an LP that is still sealed); SSW (sticker on shrink wrap); SW (shrink wrap); TOBC, TOFC, TOL (tape on back cover, front cover, label); WLP (white label promo); WOBC, WOFC, WOL (writing on back cover, front cover, label); & XOC, XOL (X on cover, X on label).


I try to promptly delete "sold records" but sometimes forget. Please check on the availability of your selection (s) before sending payment. Write me at the 5-digit catalog number before a 45 or lp and the 5-digit catalog number before an album that you are interested in.

SHIPPING one 45 by First Class postage in the U.S.A. will cost more than $3.00. I believe there may be 6-9 zones so the various rates in the U.S.A. will probably be around $3.50. When I become familiar with the costs, I'll reveal them here.

Ditto for LPs. It will be $4.25. I've charged $3.00 (one 45) or $4.00 (one LP) since 1999 if my memory serves me correctly. The Post Office will be constantly raising rates.

The vinyl on LPs will be removed from the cover to prevent or reduce seam and/or spine splitting.

Multiple or foreign orders will need a price quote.

Volume buyers, who over time have bought 30 singles (45 rpm records only) from me, have been rewarded by an offer of a 50% discount on all future purchases. Most buyers only find a few they want (12/24/14) but some from the start plan to buy at least 30 singles so you can plan accordingly. I currently have "eleven volume buyers."


Cash, checks or money orders can be mailed to me. Ray Lord, 237 Andalusia Avenue, De Leon Springs, Florida 32130.

I also have a PayPal account ( at ( that will accept your payment.


Type in: 1. "Artist's Name (s)" {in quotation marks}; 2. "Song Title" {in quotation marks}; or 3. [Record Company with ID#] (in brackets). If my website has any records by this artist, it will show which webpages those records are on. If you're lucky, you'll see the 5-digit number (with or without lp in front) and won't have to scan a few hundred other records. If my website has that song, it will indicate on which webpage (s) that song can be found. Once again, if you're lucky, the 5-digit number will be revealed so you won't have to scan a few hundred records on that webpage. NUMBER THREE ABOVE [RCA xxxx], [RCA LM-xxxx] or RCA [LSP-xxxx] is my favorite way to look for a record when I know the company & ID#.
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The NUMBER OF VISITS to my website over the years is / was ***OVER 30,000 back in 2011.*** Where that 4-digit number in the box below comes from, I DON'T KNOW.

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