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Welcome To My Family Tree From My Mom's Side. This 8 generations of ancestors dated back to 1769. Let me know what you think.

I. Born Feb. 1769 Died March 31, 1859

Name: Deacon Joshua Smart

Marriage: Hannah?


Jacob Smart(Married Susanna Blake)

II. Born 1792 Died 1866

Name: Jacob Smart

Father: Joshua Smart

Mother: Hannah ?

Marriage: Susanna Blake


Jacob Smart (Married Delia Page)

Miriam Smart (Married Samuel Harris)

Robert Smart

Richard Smart

Annis T. Smart

William Henry Smart(Married (1) Clarry T. (2) Martha Scott)

Alonzo Smart (Married Melissa)

Nehemiah Smart (Married Ellen Cunningham)

Benjamin Smart

III. Born January 8, 1816 Died Feb. 17, 1877

Name: Jacob Smart

Father: Jacob Smart

Mother: Susanna Blake

Marriage: Delia Page


Emma Jane Smart

Clara Ann Smart

Edwin Smart(Married Lizzie Hathaway)

Delia Abby Smart

Lydia Ellen Smart (Married George Dickey)

Jacob Willard Smart(Married Etta Dickey)

IV. Born January 8, 1816 Died Fen 17, 1877

Name: Jacob W. Smart

Father: Jacob Smart

Mother: Delia Page

Marriage: Etta Dickey


Alvah W. Smart (Married Mabel Spencer)

Blanche Smart (Married Harry Twitchell)

V. Born January 14, 1894 Died January 5, 1959

Name: Alvah W. Smart

Father: Jacob W. Smart

Mother: Etta Dickey

Marriage: (1)Mabel Spencer; (2) Alice Harris)


(M 1)Ralph Smart (Married Consuelo Sanchez)

(M 2)Stepson Leroy Getchell

VI. Born August 3, 1920 Died Feb 21, 1991

Name: Ralph Smart

Father: Alvah W. Smart

Mother: Mabel Spencer

Marriage 1 Conseulo Sanchez


Ralph Smart (Married Janice Edwards)

Nola Smart (Married Blaine Hall)

Dwayne Smart

VII. Born Januay 16, 1955

Name: Nola Smart

Father: Ralph Smart

Mother: Conseulo Sanchez

Marriage 1 Blaine Hall

Married: 5 JAN 1972 in Bangor, ME


Blaine Hall Jr.(Married Jana Neuman)

Ralph Hall

Matthew Hall (Married Susan Stutes)

Andrew Hall

Nathanael Hall

VIII. Born May 23, 1974

Name: Ralph Hall

Father: Blaine Hall

Mother: Nola Smart

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