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Where to get Oliver Shanti Music

I have had many people emailing me and asking me where they can get Oliver Shanti CD's. This is a hard question to answer but I will do my best.

If you are in North America and South America very very few Stores carry Oliver Shanti CD's, in fact many of them have never heard of him and his wonderful music. In Europe there are stores that carry his music but I do not know which ones and their location. The best suggestion I have is to buy his music online and have it sent to.

The only place now adays that i see his cd's is on EBAY and Shanti Records. I have had a lot of success with EBAY and the German EBAY. You can order directly from Oliver Shantis Web Page at the link below Other than that i do not know where you can get any of his cds.

Shanti records