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News On Oliver Shanti

There have been a lot of questions dealing with Oliver Shanti's current problems with the police. I'm going to share the information that I have found so far. I find this to be the reason why the SATTVA MUSIC, his own music company, web page has been shut down.

I have collected this information from a number of different online news publishers. Most were translated from German using a computer translator so specific details were left out in fear of inaccuracies. I would not consider this FACT, its just the information that I have found so far. Most of my information comes from the article links below.

It appears since fall of 2002 Oliver Shanti has been on the international search lists and is still on the escape. The German investigation authorities have collected some 1000 individual cases of sexual abuse, many of them dealing with children.

This came law involvement when a parent of a child that was sexually abused by Oliver Shanti went to the police. It was the Childs decision on weather to make this announcement or not. This family announced that they made this public and involved the law not for revenge, but to stop Oliver Shanti so he will never be able to do this to more children. In February 2002 the beginning of witness questioning started. Olive Shanti stayed at this time in Portugal and wanted to take no position to the accusations. He then was wanted for questing and arrest but has avoided it sense August 2002.

During this time more then 1000 individual cases, with which 10 children were abused during the last 10 years came to light of the public and police.

To day Oliver Shanti's location are unknown and he is still wanted by officials.

Translated News
Translated News
Translated News