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Circles Of Live - The Best Of Oliver Shanti

This cd offers a great chance to get a tast of all that Oliver Shanti offers. There are songs from many of his cds and his different styles.

Song List (CD that song came from)

1 Water - Four Circles Of Life (Circles Of Life)

2 Well Balanced (Well Balanced)

3 Journey To Shambala (Tai Chi Too)

4 Tocar Para Sarakali (Tai Chi Too)

5 Purna Brahma Narayana

6 Liu Garden Of Shuzhou (Tai Chi)

7 Sacral Nirvana (Tai Chi Too)

8 Machu Picchu (Minho Valley Fantasies)

9 Amitabha (Well Balanced)

10 Medicine Power (Medicine Power)

11 Hundredandeight (Walking On The Sun)

12 My Galician Fantasies (Walking On The Sun)

13 White Mother Of The Universe

14 Macao Kyoto (Tai Chi)

15 Simply Love (Minho Valley Fantasies)

16 Spring In Lhasa (Tai Chi Too)

17 Shaman (Shaman)