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Tai Chi Too

According to Sattva Music "A dreamlike trip to the top of the world! The light of the Himalayas, the limitless Mongolian steppe and the archaic power of Tibet conjured up by the master of meditative World-Music, Oliver Shanti - 70 minutes of entrancing music on this CD. The deep musical feeling relieves you of everyday stress and leads you gently to inner balance and equilibrium. Incomparable passages of the mind without annoying time consuming commuting and the hassles of traveling: power from the top of the world - immediate and stress free - any time you wish!"

Tai Chi Too

Tracking List

1 Journey To Shambala

2 Legend Of A White Stupa

3 Sacral Nirvana

4 Donovan My Timeless Cosmic Friend

5 Gathering In Tara's Tea House

6 Tichinabet 2222

7 Luohan Amitabha's Hands

8 Spring In Lhasa

9 Tara Shakti Mantra

10 Autumn in Beijing

11 Sangha's Love For Amitabha

12 Rimpoches Of Ladakh

13 Boddhisattva Land

14 Sacral Nirvana (long version)