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Tai Chi

According to Sattva Music this cd was made "With 30 singers and musicians out of Tibet, China and Europe, Oliver Shanti creates here a unique multi-instrumental symphony. Like soft medicine, this music advances into the soul, animates the positive powers and transfers us into harmonious wholeness and balance. Millions of persons discovered this music as a balance giver for itself."

This cd is perfect for practicing TaiChi or mediation. This wonderful cd gives us a taste of the Far East by offering us very soothing and exotic singing and music. One of my all time favorite Oliver Shanti songs, Tai Chi Ch'uan Way And Meditation, is included in Tai Chi. I highly recommend this cd to anyone interested in the a very soothing and exciting foreign sounds of the far east.

Tai Chi

Tracking List

1 Huanqiutan Garden

2 Chenresie, Flame Of Peace And Compassion

3 Tang Xingqing Park

4 Tai Chi Ch'uan Way And Meditation

5 Rhythm Of Tao Te Ching

6 Liu Garden Of Suzhou

7 Half Moon Gathering In Beihai Park

8 A Ballad To Chuang Tzu

9 Tales From The Heart Of Chuang Tzu

10 Tara Mantra

11 Macao Kyoto

12 An Ti Dog Ma Ti Sm