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Medicine Power

According to Sattva Music "Native Americans call the power of the big spirit inherent in all souls 'Medicine Power'. Together with his musical friends from various tribes (Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Iroquois, and Navajo) Oliver Shanti created a new masterpiece: subtle Indian female voices go straight to your heart. Earthy Shaman chants and heartbeat percussion vitalize body and mind, activate strength and transmit a feeling of security: Medicine Power strengthens you in your totality."

This CD is very well balanced in that it offers the perfect amount of modern music styles and English language mixed with traditional ancient languages, musical instruments, and style. This perfect mixture makes a CD that is very easy to listen to for anybody especially those that like Native American music, world music, and modern pop music.

Medicine Power

Tracking List

1 Slow Changes

2 Medicine Power Men

3 Shamboo Wokantonka

4 Navajo Prayer Song

5 White Bearís Medicine Dance

6 Eagle Wabun Medicine Dance

7 Red Indianís Right To Live

8 Golden Eagleís Soaring Dance

9 Choctaw Shadownese Song

10 Mother Earthís Tartaruga Song

11 The Mudjekeewis Flute Song

12 Hinayana Vision

13 Medicine Energy Pow Wow

14 Medicine Spirit Shine On