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Blood Thirsty Society

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Kraze = Livin On The Edge (Released Dec. 18, 2002)
Kraze = Back With The ... Controversy (Released March 8, 2003)
Kraze = Malicious Minded (Released July 3rd, 2003)
Kraze = Tha Sadistic Leader (Released August 8, 2003)
Kraze = NC Sniper (Comin Soon)
Capri = A Soulja's Story (Released August 2,2002)
Capri= My Projects (Released Dec. 18, 2002))
Capri = Be Cautious (Comin' Soon)
Murdarah Family = Welcome 2 The Underworld (Released April 10,2002)
Murdarah Family = Soulja's On Target (Released October 12, 2002)
Chaos = The Return (Comin' Soon)
L.C. = Ready Or Not (Released August 22,2002)
LC = And Then There Was Me (Released January 6, 2003)
Samari Soulja = Da Golden Art Pt. 1 (Released January 2003)
More Photos of the CKO Boyz
Photo Gallery of CKO Boyz,Kraze,Samauri Soulja

Above are the CD's that's out and the CD's that are coming out soon.