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Comin O'r the Meadow: mellow, added 4-2-04
The Turning: mellow, added 1-18-03
The Chorale:  with organ and trumpet
Across The Water: sweet, flutes, 
for a friend, added 9-10-02 Stamp: driving beat, timpani, dulcimer,
& trumpet, added 4-24-02 Peaceful River: slow, strings & French Horn Experamental Chords: choral, added 5-31-02 Ensuing Force: bold, added 7-17-01 Clang: light,added 12-15-01 Olive Branches: mellow, added 9-7-01 Battle Under Siege: sitar & timpani,
added 12-20-01 In Chambered Halls: added 3-13-02 Happy B-Day To You: mellow, added 1-2-02 After All: easy going Prelude: trumpet and strings Indignation: poignant, added 6-21-01 Fanfare: up beat Four Parts: choral Annette's Song: in memory of, voice and strings Knee Jerk: meant to be humorous Just Because: mellow Oh Momma: evokes strong emotion Skipping Stones: easy listening ProBachative: spoof on Bach Aprice: light hearted Two Time: somewhat dissonant

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