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Dream Upon a  Mountain Rill: peaceful but with feeling, 
added 7-14-05 Interlude: light hearted, added 12-19-04 Highland Spring: light hearted, added 1-27-04 Treasure In My Eyes: with feeling, added 1-22-03 Rolling Along: spirited, added 12-19-02 String On An A: rich River Blossom Trail: light hearted, added 12-22-01 In The Garden Moon Light: quiet, added 6-13-03 Mountain Fiord: haunting, added 6-29-01 Star Lit: light, added 9-13-02 On Gilded Wing: added 5-1-03 I Leave You With This: added 3-22-02 Coming Home: Light hearted, added 9-6-02 Revelry: upbeat, added 8-21-01 Isle: light hearted, added 11-4-01 Fields of Light: slow, added 7-4-02 Feelin Good: up beat, added 2-27-02 Highest Honor: added 11-27-01 Annette's Song-Strings: in memory of Rambling Along: light hearted, added 1-30-02 The Tempest: strings and timpani Simple Prayer: with feeling Russian Morning: rich Fairy Circle: pizzicato The Journey: serious Cello Jam: somewhat serious Minor Jam: minor scrape Intense: rather fast tempo
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