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Web site established on January 10th, 2002

Last update: April 30th, 2006.

I am EAGER to get shows from:
RUNNING WILD--Any show of their Masquerade tour 1996 and from their new Rougues En Vogue Tour 2005.

GRAVE DIGGER--Brazilian dates of their Rheingold Tour 2004.

GAMMA RAY--Good recordings of their new Majestic Tour 2005-2006.

UDO--Good recordings of their new Mission No. X Tour 2006.

PRIMAL FEAR--Good recordings of their new Seveth Seal Tour 2005-2006.

STRATOVARIUS--Good recordings of their new Tour 2005-2006.

HELLOWEEN--Good quality recordings of their new Keeper III The Legacy Tour 2005-2006.

ARCH ENEMY--Good shows preferably with the girl singing.
....or submit your offer...
Before browsing the list please read:

Some Rules and notes.

  1. Nothing of what you'll find here is for sale. Trade ONLY.

  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Shows made of MP3s or sourced from MP3s (directly or indirectly) ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, so if you're not sure about a certain show, please check your source to find out if there is an MP3 convertion between you and the guy who recorded the show. Perform a Frequency Analysis to see if the bootleg is really a never-compressed recording!!!!

  3. We send at the same time, do not come with bullshit asking me to send first I will not ask that either.

  4. Use registered mail whenever this is possible, I ALWAYS send through registered mail.

  5. I usually do not trade tapes anymore, only CDRs.

  6. I do not care very much about the brand of the CDRs, just please make sure they do not present defects on the recordable surface as they result in scrambled sound.

  7. PLEASE avoid gaps between songs; gaps are annoying and not acceptable unless there's only one or two in a whole show; I could understand that as long as it doesn't affect the music; in other words, one or two gaps per show in the middle of an audience cheering are not that bad.

  8. Please send artworks (if available) by e-mail; if you do not have artworks then send at least the track lists.

  9. I have discontinued video trading; I do not have the time to copy videos and I do not have the time to watch them, sorry.

  10. And finally, if you don't wanna see your name all over the WWW reported as a total son of a bitch, DO NOT RIP ME OFF.

Now you can check my list, click on the link below and be patient as it opens slowly due to the size of the file.