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Topic: Marc Enfroy
Awaken feelings of peace, love and wonder with the gorgeous instrumental music of award-winning composer Marc Enfroy. His serene blend of piano, flute, violin, and ethereal voice will warm your heart, melt away stress, and inspire your dreams. Newage News goes on to add Violinist Janet Sullins, flutist Jack Chen and vocalist Jillian Aversa join Marc and his intimate piano themes to create heartfelt performances full of honesty and emotion. From the piano's tenderness to the wordless call of a heavenly siren to the flute's sweet enchantment to the soaring splendor of orchestral strings, you'll experience a sweeping soundscape that will touch your heart and lift your spirit. Featured on radio's syndicated series: at

Posted by Editor at 10:19 PM CDT
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new age relaxation album
Topic: Royce Campbell
Royce Campbell’s “Ear Of The Beholder” CD is the result of many requests Campbell received from friends in the healing professions to do a New Age style project. Campbell is primarily known as a jazz guitarist (see, so it is a surprise that there are only a few tracks featuring guitar. “It was a nice change for me to do some tracks without guitar,” states Campbell. “Once I had decided to honor all of those requests to create “mood music,” I had to still do it with a sensibility that emerges from my love for and knowledge of jazz. That meant that I had to take a step back from actually playing a lot. I focused on the composing rather than the performance aspect.” Although the CD makes perfect background music for massage or yoga sessions, or even for work sessions such as studying or reading, it is absolutely ideal for meditation sessions. Many of the tracks have a cinematic quality that, upon closer listening, can stimulate the imagination, generate positive energy, and definitely reduce stress.

WEB - WEBsite - IMAGES - Available Recordings

Posted by Editor at 2:39 PM CDT
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New CD from guitarist Tony Sandate
Topic: Tony Sandate
Inspired by the writings of Mystical/Spiritual Theologian Thomas Merton, this incredible nylon string solo guitar album will surely put the listener in a peaceful and contemplative space, opening our hearts to the wonderful and loving spirit of God. - Shop....TONY SANDATE

Posted by Editor at 2:27 PM CST
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Topic: Anne Trenning
Instrumental pianist Anne Trenning titled her third recording Watching For Rain, as a metaphor indicating a time of hopeful anticipation. “As our world continues to face the challenges of economy, war and the environment, we find ourselves looking toward new opportunities, for rain to come and refresh the earth, and for growth and positive change to occur.” Trenning strongly believes in the ability of music to communicate and promote the ideas of peace, love, and friendship. The music on her second album, ALL ONE WORLD, reflects her hopes and concerns for all civilizations around the globe. Trenning lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, but grew up in Barrington, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), where she began her musical instruction taking organ lessons at the age of seven. Earliest musical memories from this time include “learning sheet music from the Big Band era, with a lot of bossa nova and fox trot songs thrown in.” When she was 12-years-old piano became her primary focus and she studied through high school with the talented Helen Velleuer. Church and choir also shaped her earliest musical memories. Her father encouraged practicing and a love of four-part harmony by paying her a dollar for every hymn she learned to play from a Presbyterian hymnal passed down from her grandmother. “My entrepreneurial spirit insured that I learned to play every hymn in that worn and well-loved collection.”
WEB - SHOP Anne Trenning

Posted by Editor at 1:30 PM CST
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Now Playing: The Ever Present Now
Topic: Nick Farr
"The Ever Present Now" Nick Farr offers a colorful palette of original compositions that is sure to please his long-standing fans as well as new listeners. “This album,” the artist says, “is a recording I have long wanted to make. It seems to have a really natural feel, and the wonderful musicians who contribute on the cd really put their hearts into it.” The pianist/composer has included twelve original songs on this record, which sample his unique writing styles and creativity. With much variety in both composition and style that tastefully blends the genres of new age, jazz, classical and contemporary instrumental, this is an engaging yet beautiful auditory experience. Nick’s fifth recording “Keep Moving” hit the airwaves strongly as well, debuting at #4 before moving into the #3 spot in the summer of 2004. A jazzier set, this recording shows Farr’s skills at composing more up-tempo tunes with more different instruments and far-ranging song writing. Nick Farr began his musical journey at the age of five with classical piano training. He has always been intrigued with all types of music, especially jazz and contemporary instrumental. Today, he has found a genre of musical writing in which he is most comfortable—a unique style of composition built around piano yet focused on memorable melodies and harmonies built with strings, horns and percussion.

Web - SHOP Pianist, Nick Farr

Posted by Editor at 12:14 PM CST
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Topic: Dyan Garris
eight - Music for Ascention
This is New Age music for self-healing, relaxation and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. All you do is listen. Dyan's CDs have earned the "National Health & Wellness" Stamp of Approval. Tracks of soothing instrumental music, for both the seasoned meditator and the novice. The journeys are a refreshing escape. Take off the burdens of the day and put on this serenity for the soul. Dyan’s music can be heard internationally on and numerous radio stations. Music charting #1 on Music Choice’s “Soundscapes” cable TV channel. Her "Spiritus Sanctus Vol. 1 and Volume 2 and "Release" were nominated for New Age Reporter Lifestyle Awards.

Posted by Editor at 1:40 PM CDT
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Topic: Spencer Brewer
For over 30 years, Spencer Brewer has been a composer/pianist/performer on the cutting edge of instrumental music- inspiring audiences and listeners worldwide with his piano skills and hauntingly unique melodies. This long awaited album is Spencer's first 'solo' release in 16 years and is his 17th album. Cinematic is a double CD featuring Spencer's original music that has either made it to film or TV or was composed for those markets. One CD 'Technicolor' is all fully orchestrated pieces featuring many world class artists and the other CD 'Black & White' contains all those pieces on solo piano.

Posted by Editor at 7:23 PM CDT
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Topic: Harlan Mark Vale
My name is Harlan Mark Vale. I am a musician. I live and breathe music. Without music, there is no life. I am also spirit. The journey that got me to this realization is also the journey that created the album, Bright Angel. The music I have created here is a free-flowing river of the Divine expressing itself through me. My formal music training began at The Evergreen State College in Washington State in the 70’s, where I studied electronic music and audio engineering. Later, I performed with Trillium, The New Art Orchestra, and others creating free improvisational jazz and experimental genres playing piano, synthesizer and percussion. After years of playing and recording electronic music covering many genres, I have finally returned to my beginnings; the piano. This is where my hearts speaks to me most clearly. The album title, “Bright Angel” came about after spending time at the Grand Canyon. There is a feature in the canyon called Bright Angel Point as well as a trailhead by the name of Bright Angel Trail. These features are moving and inspiring by their very nature. While at the canyon, I discovered a baby grand piano on the mezzanine above the lobby at the El Tovar Hotel, situated on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was here that I gave birth to the music portrayed on the Bright Angel CD. These pieces are my attempt to capture the majesty and serenity I feel being and performing at the Grand Canyon.
WEB - Available Recordings

Posted by Editor at 3:05 PM CDT
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Topic: Randy Granger
Randy Granger is an innovative award-winning songwriter, composer and independent recording artist based in New Mexico. His distinctive Southwest Americana style fuses New-Folk, Native American Flutes and the modern and mesmerizing Hang Drum. This new CD presents eight original peaceful, haunting, joyful songs evoking the rich and ancient spirit of the Desert Southwest. Relaxing, meditataive flute music that paints a vivid soundscape from this native musician and songwriter who's music is heard on RADIOnuages as well as other radio series like Hearts of Space, NativeRadio, Audiosyncracy and many public, community and internet radio stations and podcasts. Uplifting, peaceful, transcendently earthy Native American flute music. Solo flute, hang drum by panart and percussion. Perfect for studying, writing, meditating, yoga.
WEB - Available Recordings

Posted by Editor at 4:35 PM CDT
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Topic: Ottmar Liebert
CDs Available Here

Binaural Recording
One live disc (“The Scent of Light”) and one studio recording, this duo of soft music albums from the pop flamenco guitarist is about as good as background music can be. Each disc offers 10 tracks of mellow, romantic faux flamenco guaranteed not to offend anyone. It's music for romance and quiet nights. But careful, you may find yourself falling asleep.

Posted by Editor at 12:20 AM CDT
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