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Ken's CD-R Trade List

Welcome to my CD-R trade list. If you'd like to trade, please e-mail me with your list. The usual trade rules apply, i.e.,
  • Trades only; nothing is for sale
  • No MP3-sourced discs!!
  • Burn discs disc-at-once (DAO) with no gaps or glitches between tracks
  • Can also trade SHN format; SHN discs already available noted
  • Send artwork (.jpg files preferred) or a track list if available; I'll do the same
  • Don't send jewel cases; use paper or plastic sleeves
  • Use good quality blanks (I use Taiyo Yuden and Mitsui)
  • No labels or writing on the CD-Rs you send me
  • Be prompt and communicate
  • Support the bands whose CD-Rs you trade!!