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Karolina Goceva Online

Welcome to Karolina Goceva Online, the website for leading Macedonian artist Karolina Goceva. As well as being a successful artist in her own country, Karolina is popular all over the Balkans, and also represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 and 2007!.

On this site you can find information on Karolina, pictures, info about her recordings and concerts, lyrics, news, and of course information on Eurovision and Skopje Fest. You can also listen to several of her songs, and watch some of her promotional videos.

New mp3s, just for you!!

We've uploaded some mp3s we've discovered recently, of rare songs or performances. They're on Rapidshare, select the 'Free' option to download them!
Karolina's live cover of Anna Vissi's 'Everything', from ESC 2006
'Bela pesna', with Bulgarian singer Aki
'Ohridskoto ezero' live, with Bulgarian singer Slavi Trifonov
'Mamo pusti me', Karolina's first ever song, from 1991!
'Jedan dan', from the 2007 Hrvatski radijski festival
The ESC version of 'Mojot svet'

The video to your left is the live performance from Helsinki.
Here, for your enjoyment, are Karolina's four previous Eurovision attempts, as direct downloads:
Od nas zavisi (2002)
Za nas (2000)
Ukradeni Noki (1998)
Ma ajde kazi mi (1996)

Buy Karolina's CDs at:
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Note: Both these sites only sell Serbian releases.
Note the new address!!
NB: Karolina Goceva cannot be reached at this address. Please also write in English to this address, as well as in the guestbook.
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