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Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Audio VS. Midi Files.

First, It is important to clarify that both are digital audio files, and the main difference is the way they produce sound.

In this text, I will list their basic characteristic and also its advantages and disadvantages and making the right selection between both for specific uses.

I will start by explaining basic concepts, and then I will do an analisys of both.

Analog Audio. analog comes from analogy which means similar. In music, it refers to the transformation of an acoustic signal in a medium such as air, to a voltage signal traveling in a copper wire. This voltage is an analog representation of the acoustic signal. When this voltage is conducted for example to a speaker, the signal is converted back to acoustic signal. Probably the most common device used to convert an acoustic signal to analog is a microphone, which detects the acoustic waves in the air, and then converts them in electric impulses.

Digital Audio. In the digital world, numbers are used to represent a digital waveform. An audio signal is represented in digital memory with a binary code that stores a massive amount of numbers that are used to represent a signal. An ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) is a computer chip that is used to convert an analog signal into digital information. This process is called sampling and has changed the world of sound in a dramatic fashion. Digital audio data is the actual or presentation of a sound, stored in the form of thousands of individual Numbers.

The three sampling frequency most often used in multimedia our CD-quality 44.1 KHz, 22.05 KHz and 11.025 KHz. Sample sizes are 8 bits or 16 bits. the larger the sample size, the better the data describes the record sound.

MIDI Audio files. MIDI means musical instrument digital interface. MIDI is a communication standard developed in the early 1980s for electronic musical instruments and computers. MIDI files is a list of time-stamped commands that are recordings of musical actions. MIDI files tend to be significantly smaller than equivalent digitized waveform files.

MIDI Files Advantages:

MIDI Files Disadvantages:

Digital Audio Advantages.

Digital Audio Disadvantages:

Examples of both audio formats:

This is the theme of the old series Magnum PI in both Formats:

Magnum.wav     330KB

Magnum.mid        12KB