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8*13*02: Made some changes to the cast page. You can see the great additions I made here. That, and a brand spankin' new poem.

7*25*02: Woohoo, a new quiz!

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7*22*02 {yes, again}: Found a new counter, and more quizzes! Yay! I have an unhealthy addiction to these things. But it's fun, in any case. Thinking about a new layout. Going back to the idea of My Predictable Insanity, and maybe checking out some free custom layouts. Or, *gasp* design my own. Or, *double gasp* be lazy and leave it as is. Who knows.

7*22*02: Grr. Thought I fixed it all last night/early this morning. I was wrong. Lost the counter in the process. *pouts* Will fill this page up soon.