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28th December 2001

I have been looking all over the internet to find some new, new's about Killing Heidi but I cannot seem to find any. The band seems to be relaxing after their new single Heavensent was such a blast that they do not need to worry about making some more music just yet.

10th December 2001

Killing Heidi's new single "Heavensent" is to be released everywhere in Australia. It will be priced from around $5-$7 roughly and you can order it online from, the following are the track listings from the new single Heavensent.

1 - Heavensent (Radio Mix)
2 - Heavensent (Psy Harmonics radio edit)
3 - Up and Down (Violet Town live)
4 - What You Say I'll Do (Violet Town live)
5 - Nuthaf...Ken Love Song (Violet Town live)
6 - Heavensent (Psy Harmonics remix full version)

6th December 2001

Killing Heidi has began to discuss another new album following the big hit of Mascara. They have decided to make their music just as good as Mascara started off, but as Ella has had problems with her throat it is unknown what their new sound will sound like.

5th December 2001

Killing Heidi is currently working on her new album which is to be released in the next month. But their new single "Heavensent" is to be released on the 10th December, 2001. To get a peak of her new single click here