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James Gambold

James is 25 years of age, and plays drums and orchestral percussion. He started
on the percussive trail when he was 11 with lessons at junior school, became
head chorister at Kings School in Gloucester, and then won a scholarship to
Wells Cathedral School. The final 4 years of his academic journey were spent at
Trinity College of Music.

Since then he has had a varied career including working in a west end show
called Pageant, involvement in a band project with members of M People and has
supported ABC on tour. He has been to Taiwan with the touring companies of Les
Miserables and Miss Saigon, and plays with the classical "crossover" pianist
Maksim who has just released a new CD. He also worked with Bobby Lamb Big Band
on the CD 'Cuban Fire', which includes trumpeter and ex-Bushey resident Gerard

James says he has always enjoyed the music Greenslade plays, and is very pleased
at the opportunity to be playing in a band where the music is written more for
its own sake, and not solely for commercial gain

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