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Earl Finkler - KBRW Public Radio - Barrow, Alaska
Coming To You From The Top Of The World!

Covering 88,000 square miles of Northern Alaska, from the borders of Canada to Russia

Every weekday, during the morning "snow-machine drive time" shift on KBRW, I host live, approximately 10-minute, interviews with local people, including a number of Inupiat Eskimo leaders and elders, with their insights on life in the farthest north community in the United States.

There are interviews with interesting people from around the world including England, Canada and India. Also people my wife Chris and I meet on our vacations. And, of course, the interviews related to my favorite rock band Steppenwolf.

It has been wonderful after all these years to get in touch with a number of former Steppenwolf members, including original keyboard player Goldy McJohn and his wife Sonja. Also former bass player Nick St. Nicholas and his wife Rosilee. Many of those interviews are on this site and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Check out the interviews with former Steppenwolf lead guitarist Michael Monarch and Bobby Cochran, who share more memories of the life and times of Steppenwolf. Also chats with a number of Steppenwolf fans --- are there any greater and long-standing fans than those of Steppenwolf?

As you browse through the interviews, please note those with some scientists who are working to study our unique Arctic environment, including possible signs that the climate is changing and warming.

There are also some pictures to help you understand this unique place where we live, and some related to interviews. Thanks to all the good folks who have agreed to be interviewed -some sitting in chairs and others on motorcycles or the Arctic Ocean ice. Stay wild! Earl, Chris and Greenland Husky Nuna

All interviews are available in Real Audio Format . You must have the Real Audio Player installed on your multimedia computer to hear these interviews.
Some interviews are also available in Windows Media Player Format. You can listen to these interviews using the Microsoft Media Player.

Music Interviews and Commentaries
      Streaming Audio Interviews
 Bobby Cochran Interview 16 min 55 secs
KBRW Interview
An interview with the former lead guitarist of Steppenwolf, The Flying Burrito Brothers and for Leon Russell.
 Jeremy Chapman - Bluegrass Musician 11 min 22 secs
KBRW Interview
An interview with Jeremy Chapman of the rising bluegrass group "The Chapmans."
 Peace Train - South African Musical Group 25 min 49 secs
KBRW Interview
Peace Train, a noted South African musical group that came to Barrow celebrating peace and democracy.
Goldy McJohn - Original Steppenwolf Keyboardist 12 mins 55 secs
  KBRW Interview   An interview with Goldy McJohn co-hosted with KBRW's Bob Thomas. Goldy talks about playing in charity golf tournaments and playing in the Mynah Birds in Toronto in the mid 60's.  
Pierre Alexandre - Quebec City Steppenwolf Fan 8 mins 02 secs

KBRW Interview

  An interview with Québec City's biggest Steppenwolf fan. Pierre talks about life in Quebec and the music of Steppenwolf.  
Nick & Rosilee St. Nicholas Interview 21 mins 46 secs
  KBRW Interview   Nick and Rosilee St. Nicholas talk about the"World Classic Rockers", their life at home, musical instruments, and a lot more, including Rosilee singing "Amazing Grace" for the listening audience.  This interview was assisted by local Barrow musician Bob Thomas who plays bass for "The Barrowtones."  
 Goldy McJohn - Original Steppenwolf Keyboardist 17 mins 26 secs
  KBRW Interview   The unique Goldy McJohn helps Earl celebrate his birthday on February 2nd with a KBRW radio interview, where he speaks his mind (as usual) to Earl and co-host Craig George.  The Goldster also shares some rich memories of the early days of Steppenwolf and rock music.  
 Chicago Blues Musician Jim Christopulos 12 mins 39 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Chicago Blues Musician Jim Christopulos  
 Bobby Cochran Interview 24 mins 31 secs
KBRW Interview
 Michael Monarch Interview 18 mins 11 secs
  KBRW Interview      
 Nick & Rosilee St. Nicholas Interview 29 mins 50 secs
  KBRW Interview      
 Goldy & Sonja McJohn Interview 21 mins 32 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Goldy & Sonja McJohn, Craig George & Dog Vinny 19 mins 41 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Wolf Fest - Steve Ranz from Harrison, Ohio 7 mins 25 secs
  Fan Interview
 Wolf Fest - Al Ramos from "Upstate" New York 9 mins 50 secs
  Fan Interview
 Wolf Fest - Melody Weaver & Daughter Vanessa 1 min 51 secs
  Fan Interview
 Goldy & Sonja McJohn Interview 21 mins 34 secs
  KBRW Interview      
 Wolf Fest - Earl on Alaska Public Radio 4 mins 58 secs
  APR Commentary
 Wolf Fest - Earl on Alaska Public Radio  
 Nick & Rosilee St. Nicholas Interview - Part 1 6 mins 56 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Nick & Rosilee St. Nicholas Interview - Part 2 7 mins 8 secs
 Kevin Eubanks Interview 19 mins 52 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Death of Singer, Songwriter John Hartford 4 mins 42 secs
  APR Commentary      
 Nick St. Nicholas Valentines Day Interview 11 mins 14 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Goldy McJohn Interview 11 mins 9 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Goldy McJohn Interview - Part 1 5 mins 28 secs
  KBRW Interview

 Goldy McJohn Interview - Part 2

5 mins 14 secs

 Goldy McJohn Interview 21 mins 55 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Bobby Cochran & Goldy McJohn Interview 24 mins 56 secs
  KBRW Interview      
 Michael Wilk of "John Kay & Steppenwolf" 18 mins 30 secs
  KBRW Interview
Michael Wilk discusses his role as the keyboard player for John Kay and Steppenwolf, a member of the group since the early 80's.
Barrow & Alaska Interviews and Commentaries
 Beverly Hugo Interview 7 mins 08 secs
KBRW Interview
  An interview with local Inupiat Eskimo History, Language and Culture official Beverly Hugo, prior to a three-day community meeting for elders, youth and those in-between.  
 University of Alaska Fairbanks Trip 2 mins 06 secs
APR Commentary
A commentary I did for Alaska News Nightly on my trip to Fairbanks to speak to a Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks planning class.
 Pearl Brauer - Inupiat Eskimo Heritage Center 10 mins 44 secs
KBRW Interview
Pearl talks about the Inpiat Heritage Center which promotes Inupiaq culture, history and language through exhibits, classes, performances and activities.
 John Miller III of Barrow 15 mins 01 sec
  KBRW Interview   An interview with John following his successful one-foot high kick with the ball at 9 feet above the floor on Jay Leno's Tonight Show (shown on TV Friday November 26th).  
 Last View of the Sun 1 min 44 secs
  APR Commentary   Commentary regarding Barrow's last view of the sun for over two months. (From Alaska Public Radio)  
 North Slope Bird Scientist - Robert Suydam 12 mins 10 secs
  KBRW Interview   Barrow Bird Scientist Robert Suydam who is affiliated with the Barrow Birding Center talks and answers listener questions about the recent early winter sightings of chickadees in Barrow.  
 Inupiaq Word of the Day - May 6, 2003 1 min 41 secs
KBRW Daily Feature
Inupiaq Word of the Day with Fannie Akpik, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts in the Alaska Native Studies Department of Ilisagvik College.
 Linda Stanford - Manager, Coldfoot Truck Stop 10 mins 55 secs
KBRW Interview
Linda Stanford, Manager of Coldfoot Truck Stop on the Dalton Highway. The farthest North truck stop - 60 miles North of the Arctic Circle and 240 miles South of Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields.
 Scientist George Divoky & Writer Darcey Frey 17 mins 6 secs
KBRW Interview
  University of Alaska Fairbanks Bird Scientist George Divoky and Darcey Frey, a freelance writer for the New York Times who is working on a book about George and his work with the birds around Barrow.  
 Harrison Schmitt's Comments with Music 9 mins 15 secs
  KBRW Friday Feature   Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt's comments with Jazz musical score "Voyage 2" added by KBRW's Diana Gish.  
 Harrison Schmitt's Visit To Barrow 4 min 29 secs
  APR Commentary   Harrison Schmitt, one of only 12 men to ever walk on the moon. Earl reflects on meeting him during his visit to Barrow.  
 Dr. Edna MacLean - President of Ilisagvik College 10 mins 36 secs
  KBRW Interview   Now President of the regional Community College in Barrow, Dr. MacLean previously taught Native Studies and the Inupiaq Eskimo language at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  
 U of Alaska Fairbanks Scientist George Divoky 5 mins 48 secs
  KBRW Interview    Black Guillemots Birds Study on Cooper Island near Pt. Barrow
 Study has been going on every summer for the past 27 years.
 The Birds Annual Return to Barrow 1 min 43 secs
  APR Commentary    Reflections of the annual rights of Spring here in Barrow.  
 North Slope Wildlife Biologist Craig George 4 mins 20 secs
  KBRW Interview
 Live from the annual bowhead whale census on the Arctic Ice.  
 Daryl Dawkins - Basketball Star 10 mins 59 secs
  KBRW Interview
 An interview with former Philadelphia 76ers star Daryl Dawkins when he was here in Barrow for a youth basketball camp. (Audio quality is fair).

Earl's KBRW Interviews From Around The World
 Justin Tillinghast - Washinghton D.C 11 mins 50 secs
KBRW Interview
A Congressional staff member by day and a stand-up comic by night and on weekends. A great combination.
 APR Commentary - Washinghton D.C Visit 1 min 26 secs
APR Commentary Alaska News Nightly
Chris and I recently returned from a trip to Washington, DC. We went to see family, including a relatively new grandson - but also to see some of the famous places in our nation's capital.
Chris Wood - Trout Unlimited 14 mins 35 secs
"On The Road" Interview
  An interview with Chris Wood, Vice President of "Trout Unlimited" at his Washington D.C office. Trout Unlimited is a conservation group working to improve stream habitat and water quality.  
 Tenzin Tsunde - Tibetan Freedom Activist 19 mins 20 secs
"International" Interview
An interview with Tenzin Tsunde a Tibetan freedom activist now living in exile in India. I did this interview along with KBRW's Cathy Rexford. Recorded: November 25, 2003.
 Lighthouse Centre Museum -Penzance, England 20 mins 16 secs
"On The Road" Interview
From our summer vacation to Jolly Olde England, an interview with Lighthouse Museum Director Alan Renton and Volunteer Edward Osgathorp. Recorded September 15,2003 - Aired on KBRW September 27, 2003.
 Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary 17 mins 26 secs
"On The Road" Interview
Interviews with Harley riders from Ohio attending the 100th birthday of Harley Davidson Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First interview is with Jim Ballinger and the second with Chuck and Jennifer Puhl. Recorded August 31,2003 - Aired on KBRW September 24, 2003.
 Frank Drake - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 11 mins 15 secs
KBRW Interview
   The Father of "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI). Currently working with the SETI institute in California, Mr. Drake also teaches Astronomy at the University of California at Santa Cruz.  

Check out some photos taken here in Barrow and other parts of Alaska.  
Click on any thumbnail photo below for a closer look.

DJ Lance
Warning Sign
Igloo Building Contest
Fellow KBRW DJ and Friend
Earl a.k.a.
"D.J. Lance"
Please Don't
Feed The Bears!
An Igloo built by
Freddy Joe Kaleak
Isaac Tuckfield
Webmaster with Nick St. Nicholas
Coldfoot Truck Stop
Along Haul Rd.
Seasons Greetings!
John Lauria with Nick St. Nicholas at a WCR Concert in Brooklyn, NY
Earl near Visitor Center at Coldfoot Truck Stop
Chris and Earl at Galbraith Lake.
Brooks Range & Trans Alaska Pipeline in background
Seasons Greetings from
Chris and Earl
Harrison Schmitt with Earl
Sun Returns To Barrow
Chris at Chukchi Sea in Barrow
KBRW News Staff
Earl with former US Senator and Astronaut Harrison Schmitt during his visit to Barrow
The Sun returned to Barrow on Jan. 23rd, at 1:07 PM after being away since November 18th.
Chris standing on the shore of the Chukchi Sea in Barrow. (September, 2002)
A group photo of some KBRW Staff and Directors.
(News Director Diana Gish is to Earl's left.)
Earl with telescope
Peace Vigil
Chris & Nuna
St. Patricks Day 2003

Earl the Arctic Astronomer

Peace vigil at the whale bone.

Chris with "Nuna" at sunset.

When Irish Eyes are smiling.

Nora & Marilyn showoff Snowmen in August
Marilyn with her snowman
Harleys outside the Days Inn in Milwaukee
Earl, Chris and Mom outside the Lyceum Theater in London
Sadie Smiling
Aerosonde Aircraft
Chris & Nuna in Cunnychuck
Light House Lizard Point
Barrow elder Sadie Neakok. For many years served as a state magistrate, now holding court in her dining room.
Australian robot "Aerosonde" aircraft measures climate change around Barrow and the Arctic Ocean.
Trick or Treat - Chris & Nuna wearing a Steppenwolf bandana for Halloween in our Arctic Entryway (called a Cunnychuck)
Chris and Earl - Due South in "The Lizard" the farthest south city in the UK.
Fun Run
Earl & Nuna
Nuna - Cub Fan
Pierre Alexandre
Starting line of the first Midnight Sun "Fun Run."
Held May 22, 2004 at midnight.
Earl and Nuna on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.
Nuna - a hard core Cubs fan.
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - Québec's #1 Steppenwolf fan. Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me.
Fun Run
Fun Run
Fun Run
Fun Run
Happy Thanksgiving from the Finklers
Full Moon over the Arctic Ocean
Avu our new Husky
Bird Scientist George Divoky




Recently I did an article for the Arctic Sounder, "Veteran rock musician bonds with Barrow, North Slope." Check out this article which talks about Goldy McJohn and his many fans here on the North Slope.

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