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electric assembly have been assaulting the senses of their followers since their creation on Halloween night of 2004. Their sound finds droning guitars, hypnotic drumming and white noise feedback, juxtaposed with layers of swirling post-country melody and affecting vocals. The origins of the band date back to the late 90s when they had a release on Earworm Records with the beautiful, string-laden, 'A Return to Satisfy.'

'eyes on the wall' was their debut self released EP on Dream Driven Recordings produced by the band and mastered by Kramer of Galaxie 500 and Shimmy Disc fame.

One reviewer was compelled to write -

'In short, rounded, intriguing, inviting, toasted and perfectly capable of inducing bliss on all who listen'.

The band went on to have the track 'base station repeater' released on the Rob Da Bank curated cd section of OMSKBOOK, which commemorates twelve years of the OMSK collective's art happenings.

'white splinter' is the latest EP from the band released as a limited cd edition of 100 handmade copies and available to download from mp3 stores including Amazon and iTunes. 




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