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This site is dedicated to the one and only, international superstar, Dolly Parton. You can count on me, Kayla, to keep you updated with Dolly! I know what you fans want, and expect in a Dolly site! I follow Dolly everywhere, so you can count on this site having all of the breaking news, reviews, and everything that has to do with Dolly! We will be the most complete site about Dolly! Expect the best, and most complete reviews of all the Dolly events here and only at! The only time this site will not be updated, is when I am on vacation (you all know where to find me lol) and when I am busy with school. Please send me all of your questions, and anything that deals with Dolly. Whatever, whenever. You will recieve a reply in less than 24 hours, unless I am on vacation. I have laptop computers, but I do not get on the internet while I am on vacation. Why should I? lolPlease contribute all of your Dolly items to this site. You will be credited. Together, we can create the most complete Dolly information highway in the world. You will forever be remembered! Thank you so much for every single visit, and for each ounce of help you given me. Forever support Dolly and! God Bless and please take care of yourselves. Yall' come back now ya' hear?

- Kayla ( Webmaster)