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---Arkanoid---  (SNES)

2 Player Versus
Big Boss #1
Big Boss #2
Game Over
Start Level
The Story Begins

---Banjo-Kazooie---  (N64)

Gobi's Valley
Gobi's Valley (Boss Remix)
Mad Monster Mansion (Boss Remix)

---Banjo-Tooie---  (N64)

Mayahem Temple (Boss: Targitzan)

---Blades of Steel---  (NES)

Intermission Mini-Game

---Blast Corps---  (N64)

Title Screen "Glory Crossing"

---Chocobo Racing---  (PSX)

Floating Gardens
Mythril Mines

---Crash Team Racing---  (PSX)

Tiny Arena

---Dance Dance Revolution---  (PSX)

{1st Mix} Butterfly
{2nd Mix} Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groov) (Power Mix)
{3rd Mix} Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)
{4th Mix} Shooting star
{DDR Max2} MaxX Unlimited
{Disney Mix} It's A Small World (Ducking Hardcore Mix)

---Diddy Kong Racing---  (N64)

Pirate Lagoon
Spacedust Alley
Spaceport Alpha
Walrus Cove
Windmill Plains

---Donkey Kong 64---  (N64)

Angry Aztec Slide Race
Creepy Castle Boss (King Kut Out)
Creepy Castle Mine Cart (DK)
Crystal Caves Boss (ArmyDillo)
DK Isle
DK Isle (SSBM Stage Remix)
Final Battle with K.Rool
Frantic Factory
Frantic Factory Boss (Mad Jack)
Fungi Forest Boss
Fungi Forest Mine Cart (Chunky)
Gloomy Galleon Boss
Gloomy Galleon Boss (2)
Jungle Japes Boss
Jungle Japes Mine Cart (Diddy)
Monkey Smash
Strong Kong

---Donkey Kong Country---  (SNES)

Aquatique Ambience (Orchestrated)
Bonus Lose
Bonus Win
Gang-Plank Galleon

---Donkey Kong Country 2---  (SNES)

Bee Hives
Hot Head Hop
Hot Head Hop (2)
Lockjaw's Locker
Rambi Rumble
Ship Deck Goal

---Donkey Kong Country 3---  (SNES)

Kastle Kaos (Battle Against K.Roolenstien)
Hot Pursuit

---Donkey Kong Land---  (GB)

Snow Levels
Temple Levels

---Dr. Mario---  (NES)

Chill (Rock Remix)

---Dragonball GT Final Bout---  (PSX)

SS_Trunks's Stage (Hikari No Willpower)

---F-Zero---  (SNES)

Port Town
Sand Ocean (F-Zero X Style)

---F-Zero GX---  (NGC)

Big Blue

---F-Zero X---  (N64)

Big Blue
Mute City
Port Town
Race Results
Red Canyon
Sand Ocean
Sectors A&B Rainbow Road
White Land

---F-Zero X (Expansion Kit)---  (N64)

Silence 3

---Final Fantasy 3---  (SNES)


---Final Fantasy 7---  (PSX)

One Winged Angel (Super Orchestrated)
Still More Fighting

---Galactic Pinball---  (VB)


---Indy Heat---  (NES)

Track 1 - West Canada
Track 2 - New Jersey
Track 3 - South California
Track 4 - Michigan
Track 5 - Illinois
Track 6 - Ohio
Track 7 - East Canada
Track 8 - Colorado
Track 9 - Tradewest Speedbowl

---Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards---  (N64)

Final Boss

---Kirby's Super Star---  (SNES)

Green Greens
Later Treasure Hunting
Milky Way Wishes Credits
Taking Over The Halberd

---Kirby's Dream Course---  (SNES)

Course 8

---Luigi's Mansion---  (GC)

Main Theme (DK64 Style Boss Remix)

---Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga---  (GBA)

Battle with Popple
Final Battle with Cackletta
Teehee Valley

---Mario Golf---  (N64)

Ring Shot

---Mario Kart 64---  (N64)

End Credits
Rainbow Road
Yoshi Valley

---Mario Kart : Double Dash!!---  (NGC)

The Circuits (Orchestral)

---Mario Tennis---  (N64)


---Mario Party---  (N64)

Bowser's Theme
Eternal Star
Here's The Star
Luigi's Engine Room
Magma Mountain
Mini Game: Ducking and Dodging
Mini Game: Full of Danger
Mini Game: Faster Than All
Mini Game: The Wide, Wide Ocean
Power of Stars

---Mario Party 2---  (N64)

Bowser Land
Here's The Star
Mini-Game: The Blue Skies Yonder
Space Land
Space Land (2)

---Mario Party 3---  (N64)

Battle Room (Beat Mix)
Creepy Caverns
Duel Map
Game Setup
Here's The Star
Peach's Castle Grounds

---Mega Man 6---  (GB)

Blizzard Man (Rock Mix)

---Mega Man X---  (SNES)

Armored Armadilo
Boomer Kuwanger
Sigma : First Battle
Storm Eagle

---Mega Man X2---  (SNES)

Bubble Crab
Flame Stag (Real Song Remix)
Flame Stag
Flame Stag (2)
Flame Stag (3)
Flame Stag (4)
Magna Centapede
Sigma: Second Battle
X Hunter Stages 1 & 2

---Mega Man X3---  (SNES)

Blast Hornet
Blizzard Buffalo
Crush Crawfish
Crush Crawfish (2)
Doppler Stage Select
Sigma: First Battle
Tunnel Rhino
Volt Catfish
Introduction Stage

---Metal Combat---  (SNES)

Garam2's Stage
Griffin's Stage
Griffin's Stage (After Griffin's Deafeat)
Siamang's Stage
Thanatos' Stage
Thanatos' Stage (Battle Intro)
Thanatos' Stage (Outside)
Thanatos' Stage (After Thanatos' Defeat)
Viscount's Stage
Wong's Stage

---Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty---  (PS2)

Theme (Super Orcheastra)

---Paper Mario---  (N64)

Chapter 6 Boss : Huff N. Puff
Goomba Village

---Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door---  (NGC)

Battle with Lord Crump & Magnus Von Grapple
Battle with Shadow Queen : Peach Form
Battle with Shadow Queen : True Form

---Penny Racers---  (N64)


---Plok---  (SNES)

Rocket Launcher

---Pokémon Red,Blue & Yellow---  (GB)

Pokemon Center
Trainer Battle

---Pokémon Silver, Gold & Crystal---  (GB)

Goldenrod City (Orchestrated)

---Pokémon Stadium---  (N64)

Battle With Mewtwo

---Pump It Up---  (ARCADE)

Beethoven Virus

---Rayman---  (PSX)

Candy Chateau

---Rockman & Forte (Japan)---  (SNES)

Maverick Battle

---SnowBoard Kids---  (N64)

Dizzy Land
Quicksand Valley
Silver Mt.
Silver Mt. (2)
Silver Mt. (3)

---SnowBoard Kids 2---  (N64)

Starlight Highway
Sunny Mountain
Wendy's House
Vs. Snowman Robot & Dinosaur

---Stunt Race FX---  (SNES)

City Trax
Easy Ride
Get Ready!
Get Ready! (Stunt Mode)
King's Forest
Lake Side
Retire Menu
Sky Ramp
The Ravines
The Ravines (2)
Track Select
White Land

---Super Bomberman---  (SNES)

Big Boss Battle
Big Boss Battle (2)

---Super Bomberman 2---  (SNES)

Battle Theme #3
Big Boss Battle

---Super Mario 64---  (N64)

Bomb-omb Battlefield (DK64 Boss Remix)
Princess's Secret Slide (DK 64 Boss Remix)
Snow Courses (DK 64 Boss Remix)

---Super Mario All Stars---  (SNES)

SMB1: Bowser
SMB2: Underground
SMB2: Wart
SMB3: Bowser
SMB3: World 1 Map
SMB3: World 2 Map

---Super Mario Bros---  (NES)

Theme (Parade Remix)

---Super Mario Bros 3---  (NES)

Ending (Orchestrated)
Level 1 Music

---Super Mario Galaxy---  (WII)

Vs. Megaleg

---Super Mario Kart---  (SNES)

Bowser Wins
Donkey Kong Jr. Wins
Ghost Valley
Koopa Troopa Wins
Luigi Wins
Mario Circuit
Mario Wins
Princess Wins
Toad Wins
Yoshi Wins

---Super Mario Land---  (GB)

World 4
World 4 (Real Song Remix)

---Super Mario Rpg---  (SNES)

And The Parade Draws to a Close
Battle Against Bowser
Full Ending
Major Enemy (DK64 Boss Remix)

---Super Mario Sunshine---  (NGC)

Boss Battle
Ricco Harbor

---Super Mario World---  (SNES)

Level Theme (Boss Remix)
Level Theme (F-Zero X Remix)

---Super Mario World 2 : Yoshi's Island---  (SNES)

Boss Battle (3-8 & 5-8)

---Super Off Road---  (NES)

Track 1 (Fandago)
Track 2 (Sidewinder)
Track 6 (Cliffhanger)

---Super Off Road---  (SNES)

Setting Up

---Super Smash Bros.---  (N64)

D.K. Wins
D.K. Wins (2)
Fox's Stage
Hammer (Blaze Remix)
Ness Wins

---Super Smash Bros. Melee---  (NGC)

Brinstar Depths
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination Stage (Master Hand's Stage)
Metal Battle
Rainbow Cruise
Victory : Donkey Kong
Victory : Fox and Falco
Victory : Ice Climbers
Victory : Link, Young Link, Ganondorf and Zelda
Victory : Mario, Luigi, Dr.Mario, Peach and Bowser
Victory : Marth and Roy

---Tetris Attack---  (SNES)

Koopa,Pirana Plant and Magikoopa Battle

---The House of the Dead---  (ARCADE)

Magician Type 0

---Time Crisis 3---  (PS2)

Vs. Wild Dog & Wild Fang

---Tony Hawk's Pro Skater---  (PSX)

Superman (Full Version)

---Top Gear---  (SNES)

Track 1
Track 3

---Uniracers---  (SNES)

Race Music 5

---Wario Land 2---  (GB)

Ending (Orchestrated)
The Really Final Chapter

---Yoshi Cookie---  (SNES)

Music B
Vs.Music C

---Yoshi's Safari---  (SNES)

Boss Battle
Bowser Battle
Bowser's Castle
Cornice Cave
Cresent Coast (Outside)
Cresent Coast (Underwater)
Dark Sea
Float Castles I & II
Game Over
Getting Ready
Ghost Mansion
Grand Bridge
Grass Land
High Scores
Map Screen
Mushroom Land
Pipe Island
Spirit Mountain
Spirit Mountain (Orcheastrated)
Start Level
Talking With Princess Peach
Talking With Princess Peach (Orchestrated)

---Zelda : Ocarana of Time---  (N64)

Boss Battle (King Dodongo/Volvagia)
Zelda's Lulubye (Ocarana)

---Zelda : Twilight Princess---  (WII/GC)

Boss Battle, 1&4 Part1 (Diababa/Stallord)
Boss Battle, 3&7 Part2 (Morpheel/Argorok)

Updated From Time to Time so check back anytime.

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==Other sequencers involved in making the midis==

Donkey Kong Country 3 Factory - A thanks to Sam Wolff for helping out with this Midi.
Mario Party 3 Duel Map - Originaly made by Dr.Fruitcake.Edited by myself.
Stunt Race FX City Trax - Originaly made by Jarron Woodsorrel. Edited by myself.
Super Mario RPG Full Ending - Alluro95 & another midi sequencer have thier midis included in the big Ending.