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"I am everything I am not!"


Coprophage it's a world of "ins and outs and then back in". Were you ever able to swallow the idea? Nothing will ever be perfect so give up on the idea. Nothing in your life can be  perfect. You will always be hit by the outs in life. Return to reality please and realize you too aren't perfect. Together we unite and will be fine. Love, hate, and strategy. 


"Inside, I didn't mean what I said outside. Sometimes I break and I burst in fire. You were my friends, should have held it inside. All this anger I need to hide."

Coprophage is Made Up Of:

Dusty "Shedd" Schoepke:  Guitar and Vocals  Biography       

Corey "Shift244" Hartwig:  Bass guitar and Vocals Biography

Brandon "Shibie" Lee:  Drums and Vocals Biography

Thought of Time:
 A simple thing such as attending a concert of a favorite band can change the world. The power of music has the influence to change a person's mood. Next time you're down, turn on your favorite song or band. If you have the chance GO and see them live. This experience changes everything.

Coprophage is currently working on new material. Also if you are interested in the direction we are and you play guitar or have a good vocals please contact us.

If you've been to one of our shows, go to the "TOUR PAGE" and comment on it please, thanks.

The New Poll!!

 Ok here is the question: Which FIVE (5) songs would you like to see on a recorded cd of ours? Please pick five only and attempt to pick songs that have similar meanings. (Exp: all sad and lonely instead of sand and lonely and "life is now better"). If you must choose 'other' please contact us and say what that other is.



Please take time to sign the guest book to help us know who comes on here.



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