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Tune List on this file :

01- "Mustafa",a Greek tune in 4/4

02- "The Prisons of Oropus",a Greek rembetika tune

03- "Cicek Dagi",a Turkish folk tune

04- "Vangelio",a Greek song in 7/8

05- "Dance of Zalongou",a Greek song in 7/8

06- "Thalassaki",a Greek song in 7/8

07- "Sandansko Horo",a Bulgarian tune in 22/8

08- "Mevlana" , a Turkish tune

09- "Norits Yegoon",an Armenian song tune

10- "Cecen Kizi",a Turkish classical piece by Tanburi Cemil Bey

11- "Mandalena",a Greek rembetika tune

12- "Debka #1",a Lebanese dance tune

13- "Uskudara",a Turkish folk tune

14- "Yangin olur biz",a Turkish tavern song

15- "Sari Zeybek",a Turkish dance tune in 9/8

  1. Kurdish set, a set of 4 dance tunes from Kurdistan
  2. "Urfa divan",a Kurdish dance tune
  3. "Sirto # 1",a Greek dance tune
  4. "Saray Yolu",a Turkish folk song
  5. "Knight of the Teapot",a tune written by me in 7/8
  6. "Pinar Basi",a Turkish folk tune
  7. "Govend" ,a Kurdish dance medley
  8. "Tsamiko" a Greek dance
  9. "Kjuperlika",a Macedonian/Turkish tune
  10. "Azeri", a tune from Azerbeyjan
  11. "Maskoto",a Macedonian dance tune
  12. "Devojce,devojce",a Macedonian song
  13. "Ajde Jano",a Macedonian or Bulgarian song