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Why Body Art?

Well, reason enough for me is that there is already a whole lot of pain in my life, 99% of which I have no control over. Body Art provides me the opportunity to take control of pain, decide when and where it will happen, and why. Plus, there is the definite benefit of having tangible evidence that something good CAN come of pain. I can look at my tattoos and say "hey, I survived that. It hurt, but I got through it. And look how gorgeous the result is!" I can feel proud. It gives me something on my body to love, even though most of my body is something I hate. If I look at my tattoos and see that there are good things that can come of pain, then I can hold out hope that all this struggling isn't in vain, that perhaps someday I'll have something to show for all this hell I've gone through. My tattoos are symbolic; they give me hope, and remind me that life can be worth living.

Is it just a simple tattoo, just ink under the skin? No. It's so much more that words just aren't enough.