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He approaches me and extends his hand. I accept it with a small smile, and he pulls me gently to my feet. My gown swishes out behind me as I stand, its full velvet skirt falling heavily yet softly, the hem swirling with feather touches around my ankles. He places his arm around my shoulders and guides me lightly to the dance floor. A hush falls over the room as the crowd parts before us, the cleared dance floor shines black underneath us. The dim lights glisten on it, a watery sheen. I feel as though I am standing on the surface of an ocean. I stare upwards into his eyes; a small, shy smile quirks the corners of my lips.

Without a word, he places the hand he holds upon his shoulder, and grasps the other gently. The orchestra begins to play, a slow, entrancing waltz that floats buttery through the still air. The crowd watches us. I can feel their anticipation wash over me like a breeze. We begin to dance. The faces speed before my eyes as we whirl in each other’s arms. The shimmering floor smooth underfoot, we glide from one end of the room to the other, carried, he by the beautiful melody soaring over the crowd, me by his strong arms as I relax into them. He pulls me closer and whispers a single word into my ear.

“Angel...” he breathes.

My eyes seek his, and are pulled into the depths. His eyes, oh, his eyes, how heavenly they are. He smiles at me, a smile so radiant and joyful that I find myself smiling back without so much as a thought. I reach up and touch his cheek as we drift effortlessly through the room on the strains of the song. My breath catches in my throat as he returns the touch with a gentle caress. I melt into his arms and allow him to guide my motions in the dance. The melody soars higher and faster, and we step into it, missing nothing, floating, gliding, with nary a thought necessary. He becomes the music. We move together in perfect time, never looking anywhere but into each other’s eyes. He knows instinctively what step to take, where and when to turn, and I follow his lead unconditionally. We are soaring.

The strains of the music begin to slow, to slip softly away. Our steps calm, and as the last note glistens in the silvered air, our feet come to a rest on the smooth wooden floor. Around us, the crowd claps and cheers, but I hear nothing. I stare deeply into his eyes, completely rapt. Our gaze does not break as he touches his lips to mine. My eyes flutter closed, and after a moment, I lay my head on his shoulder.

“Angel...” I whisper in his ear. His arms tighten around me in a tender embrace.