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Tonight I took off my shoes
And I walked in the rain
Across the campus.

Those I met along the way
Looked, and looked again,
But I just smiled
And passed them by,
And continued on,
Nothing in the world but me,
The cool water,
And the pavement underneath my toes.

And the rain poured down,
And I threw back my head
And laughed into the sky.
Alone, I would have taken off my shirt
And let the clean droplets
Wash over my body,
But common sense kept me
From becoming a show
For any that might happen by.

And on I walked,
Underneath the trees,
Reveling in the textures
And sensations of the earth,
Glad that I could feel,
And glad that I could
Be free,
Free enough to take off those shoes
And walk across campus
In the rain.