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I donít see you anymore,
I canít recall your voice.
I cannot let you go,
But I donít have any choice!
Your hugs are gone from me,
The magic of your touch,
The smile so full of joy
That always meant so much.
The talks we have no more,
Those lazy days of old.
Time has slipped away,
More precious than solid gold.
I do not understand
The wisdom of this way;
I cannot see the forest
For the trees today.
I know only that thereís pain
And loneliness inside
And no matter what,
How hard I try to hide,
It shows upon my soul
There for those to see,
Only those who have the eyes
To look deep into me.
I dream about your face
On nights so dark and dim
And in my dreams they always say
That you have gone with Him.
But I feel differently,
To this I cannot lie.
To me you are not there,
High up in the sky.
The ground has swallowed you,
Never more to see,
And many days I wish
That it so too would swallow me.
Some day in ages hence,
When I look up at the sky,
Iíll perhaps believe youíre there,
And then my soul will fly.
But now I cannot look,
Canít lift my eyes from earth,
I swear Iíve seldom hurt this much
Since the moment of my birth.
I stand upon the ground
And feel so very lost,
This thing, this Death,
The price that it has cost!
I donít know where to turn,
What more that I can do,
For I cannot go there
In order to bring back you.
I guess I shall go on,
My burden for to bear,
And when I speak again,
I hope that you will hear.
I love you, Grandma dear,
And no matter where you are,
Although I canít be with you,
My heart is never far.