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To My Grandmother

My grandmother, Margaret Jean McIntosh, passed away August 15, 2001, at 75 years of age. She meant the world to me. I will never forget her love, the sound of her voice, or her gentle touch. This page is my own small effort at a personal memorial for her. Grandma, I love you. I always will.

Grandma and the Silly Hat

My aunt Pam took this picture two Thanksgivings ago, at what would turn out to be the last Thanksgiving Grandma would see. My aunt, my sister, Grams, and I were all sitting upstairs in my room, chatting and waiting for dinner. Gram put on my big green bucket hat, and we all looked at her and burst out laughing. No one laughed harder than Grams, though. She was nearly crying, she was laughing so hard. It was a moment I will never forget.

My Sketch

This sketch was based on that wonderful photograph above. I spent many hours drawing, and crying. Even though it's not exact, I think it captures a bit of her spirit. I know she'd be proud.