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Valerie's Bio

What kind of music does Valerie play??

"I was recently made aware of the extraordinary talents of Valerie Vaughn also known as NJ'S Troubadour. Ms Vaughn maintains a strong belief that history is more relevant when it's about where we live, and so she has spent the last 20 years keeping New Jersey's legends and folklore alive with her original songs. In addition she has written with the support of the Rutgers Institute of Marine Sciences-several songs devoted to the Jersey Shore, the states wetlands and environmental issues. I believe Ms Vaughn truly has the unique ability to bring history alive through what has been described as the "voice of an Angel". I would encourage you to consider Ms Vaughn as a NJ performer. Her talent and ability to appeal to young and old alike would certainly make her an excellent candidate for the event." [SENATOR FRANK LAUTENBERG In a dec. 1999 letter to THE KENNEDY CENTER in Wash DC nominating her to perform for their Millenium series at our nations Capitol building.] {Valerie did perform there on 8/17/2000 representing NJ.} Valerie performs globally from DC to Phoenix to Philly the Keys to the Celtic Isles of Britain and receives consistant praise and accolades; here are a few: "Valerie's performances are nothing short of magical with her vivid and accurate descriptions of the cultural history and natural resources of S. Jersey." JANICE McDONALD, RUTGERS SCHOOL OF MARINE SCIENCES. / "Keep singing for the preservation and conservation of our waters! You've done well to associate yourself with the DELAWARE BAY SCHOONER PROJECT and MEGAN WREN. Good luck." PETE SEEGER / "Hello Ms Vaughn. I'm 11 years old and love your music!When I was listening to "Legacy" I actually was happy I lived in NJ something I never felt before. You are SO good! Where do you come up with this stuff?"LINDSAY SAVAGE, Brick Twp Schools/ "After hearing your performance at our folk club I now believe that NJ is more than freight yards and Newark Airport. We got out our atlas and had a look at your state, we found Tuckerton and can understand why you like it so much." JAN AND PHIL, SUTTON, ENGLAND/ Out of all the programs we had this year, yours was certainly the most interactive. We love to see when the children can identify and participate with what's happening onstage. You have a great talent and should continue to pursue it to the fullest degree." SALLY FLANNELLY, WALL TWP PRIMARY SCHOOL/ "Valerie sends chills up my spine whenever I hear her sing . It may be a silly love song or an original, which takes your heart away. She also makes great chicken C'rdonbleau'." FRANK JACKSON, VALERIE'S #1 FAN/

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