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Valerie came from a family of "STORYTELLERS" and musicians. Her dad was a singer and guitarist who's family settled in appalachia "Kentucky" long,long ago.Her mothers parents were Italian imigrants and her large extended family also loved music and singing. Sat. night "Jams" were common place where everything from Bluegrass to Swing were played on banjo's guitars,pots and pans by family members of all ages. Valerie started to perform in her teens, went to England after graduating from Rutgers U., had a beautiful daughter born in Cornwall, England and then came back to the US. Valerie started developing her children's programs as her daughter grew up creating age appropriate material as she got older. Playing for her daughters Pre-school, Kindergarten and primary grades, Valerie came up with the "Talespinners" Interactive musical plays about familiar stories which children act out using masks and costumes were just an extension of what Valerie grew up doing with her Mom and many cousins. Incorporating these creative dramatics into her work with handicapped children with whom she worked as a social worker and counselor was simple and natural for Valerie. The result has been 20 yrs of making children of all ages and abilities happy. Valerie presently works as a music teacher/ therapist and performs in many school assemblies all over the state in addition to her festivals and tours.

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