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Jeff Luif
Frank Luif

For over a decade, Star Trax Recording has been a cornerstone in the development of
the Chicago music industry, from helping pioneer the Chicago house sound in the late
80's to engineering and producing some of the foremost rock-n-roll sounds in the city.
We've assembled a staff of specialists in sound. Experienced, educated engineers and
producers with different philosophies and techniques on making music -- supported by
a 24-track studio of world-class equipment.

Relocated in 1990, Star Trax Recording is conveniently located for easy access from
Chicago's two major airports -- O'Hare International and Midway. This newly built
complex is designed for total client satisfaction, including spacious recording and
control rooms, a private viewing booth, a separate lounge and kitchen area, and a
private parking lot.

Whether you're looking for fast food or fine dining, you'll find numerous restaurants as
well as comfortable lodging minutes away from the studio. Plus, Star Trax Recording is
only a 30 minute drive from the sights and sounds of downtown Chicago.

For Rate and Booking Information...
Call (708) 489-5242

Studio Specifications


Studio: 25' x 35'

Control Room: 30' x 25'

Various Isolation Booths


Otari MTR-90 24-Track

Otari MTR-10 1/4" 2-Track

Digidesign Soundtools Digital Recorder

Panasonic 3700 DAT

Nakamichi Cassette Decks

KABA Real Time Cassette Duplicators


Neotek Elite 48 Mic Input with 108 Line

Input; Moving Fader Automation


Urei 813C Time Align, Tonnoy PBM 6.5,

B&W 12, Electro-Voice Sentry 500, Digital

Design LS161, Auratones


Hafler P-500 (2), BGW 5000, QSC 4.2,



Lexicon 480L, PCM 70 (2), PCM 60 (3),

PCM 42, Super Prime Time, Eventide

H3000S and 949 Harmonizers, Yamaha

SPX90, REV7, Echoplate, Effectrons,

ADA STD-1, T.C. Electronics 2290

Samplers (2)


Aphex Studio Clock, DBX 160, 160x

comp/limiters, Aphex 612 gates (4), US

(12), EXR exciter, De-Essers


Neumann U87s, KM84s, AKG 414s,

D-12E, Sennheiser 421s and 441s, Electro-

Voice RE20s, 747, Crown PZMs,

Shure: 58,57, Sony


Pearl 5-piece Drum Set, Youngchang 6'

Grand Piano, Korg 01/W-FD, Ensoniq 16

plus, Roland R-8, StudioVision Macintosh

sequencing, Pro-Formance piano, MSS-1

MIDI/SMPTE Converter

Star Trax Recording, Inc.
4750 W. 137th Street
Crestwood IL 60445
(708) 489-5242

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