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Friends Of The Scotch of St James
by BlueDot

* Do you remember The Scotch of St James?
* Who was the wonderful Manager?
* Did you have a black membership card?
* Does anybody remember the group from Hair that stripped whilst playing?

If you have any recollections of times at The Scotch, or any further information about the club for this page then please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

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The cloakroom price was half a crown (2/6d) which prompted one girl to enquire if items were dry-cleaned at that price.


Bar staff: Ricardo and Katie.
Waiters: Christopher, Dino and Luciano (all of whom went on to work at "La Valbonne").

Visiting Celebrities

P.J. Proby * John Lennon * Leapy Lee * Jess Conrad * David Hamilton * Olvia Newton John * Bruce Welsh

The Merseybeats and Pattie Boyd in "The Scotch" during 1965

Other Clubs in "Swinging London"

* The Goldhawk * The Scene

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